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Welcome, Friends

OLES - Ordinary LIVES Extraordinary STORIES is a space where "ordinary" people tell their stories and share wisdom learned from daily events and life mistakes. Shared experiences inspire and motivate us, but most importantly, they help us not to feel alone and isolated while shaping our own lives.

There was an old wooden house across the street from our modern sand-colored apartment building in my hometown Vilnius. On rainy days, when our playground was empty and there were no cartoons on TV, I loved staring into the windows of the old house. I observed the moving shadows and imagined lives of its people.  


Now, when taking an evening stroll in the city, I still wonder what stories are developing behind hundreds of windows and what wisdom is hidden behind the curtains of ordinary lives.


They say that every human has a story. Nonetheless, not all stories emerge: some are never told and others never get listened to. However, I don’t know what unites people more than heartfelt conversations. Our shared experiences humble and console us, inspire and motivate, encourage and support. But most importantly, it helps us not to feel alone and isolated while shaping our own lives.


The mission of this blog is to tell stories of my friends and strangers I met on my trips, at coffee shops or airport departure halls. These are people who live their 'ordinary' lives but do extraordinary things by following their hearts, remaining hopeful, and sharing wisdom learned from their experiences and mistakes.

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